Speakers of the Ukrainian Pension Forum: Olha Musiiko

HR Director 1 + 1 media
Has been working for 1 + 1 media since 2010. Since September 2019, he has been the head of the Group's HR department.

Olga is a specialist with more than 13 years of experience in the field of HR. Has successful experience in implementing and optimizing basic HR policies and procedures, developing systems of personnel incentives, analysis and planning of labor costs, building a grading structure, implementing personnel evaluation, implementing automation of HR processes. Has in-depth knowledge in the field of compensation and benefits.

In 2020, 1 + 1 media received two awards of the HR-Brand Ukraine 2020 Award - in the main nomination "Capital", as well as in the partner nomination "Diversity & Inclusion" from Syngenta for the social project #zabutyprovik. In particular, for the internship program for candidates of elegant age, which was implemented within the initiative.

In addition, in April 2020 # zabutyprovik was awarded at the Randstad Employer Brand Research Awards as a project that has a positive impact on the company's image and has great social value.

In December 2019, Olga Musiyko entered the rating of Super HRD 2019 from Hurma.

She previously was working for the telecommunications company Nokia Siemens Networks, where she was responsible for working with staff in the region of Northeast Europe. She has a Certificate in Global Remuneration.

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