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Ukrainian Pension Forum - this is an expert platform that will become a powerful starting point and base for the development of Ukraine's pension strategy with the main goal to improve the quality of life for retired people and protect their rights. We unite society to create a dignified aging stage in Ukraine.

Initiator of the Forum

"For almost 6 years, my family has been dealing with charity and supporting of the elderly in Ukraine. Every year, the Ukrainian society is aging, and the number of retirees is only increasing. During this period, Governments and Presidents have been changed, but unfortunately, more and more people are turning to us for help and we see a negative trend in the deterioration of the lives of people in retirement. Meanwhile, it is almost one third of the country's population. I am sure that it is necessary to unite the efforts of our society, the efforts of each of us, to attract experts for the strategic changes that Ukrainians so desperately need.

We invite the best specialists in the field of pension reform, geriatrics and gerontology to create a unified pension strategy in Ukraine, which will be the basis for every Ukrainian to be confident in their future, prepare for it, and when the time comes - to live in retirement and receive quality services. We also involve international partners and consultants, representatives of various countries, who have already successfully passed this path in their countries and are ready to help with the implementation of the best world standards and practices in Ukraine. Retirement age is our future with you and it is important to prepare for it in advance."
Olga Bondarenko
Director and Founder of the Charitable Foundation "Let's help!"

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PR manager
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